Welcome to Omega Unfold

Omega Unfold is a Canadian R&D software company specialized in PC based end-user applications.

We build software that connects cameras and microphones to computers to make them aware of their surrounding in such a way that is useful for the common person.

The result is a system that anybody can use and that brings the benefits of computers to new places.

Please try out the free trial software and see what this new technology can bring to your business or personal projects.

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Our Products

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Latest News

10 May 2010
New release for Media Zone Trigger
Interactive Digital signage becomes accessible to everyone. This software enables custom projects that were only available for the big boys before.

20 Jan 2008
Website Re-design
With the increasing popularity of our products, we found that it was time to update the website's look and feel.

23 Dec 2007
New release for Webcam Zone Trigger
More features, updated technology, interface re-design... inspired by nothing in the industry, Zone Trigger brings fresh ideas to your projects.