Sound detection software, inputs sound waves and processes triggers

Webcam software download

Webcam software downloadZone Trigger series webcam software give you a full free trial so that you can really test it. The trial mode has all the motion/sound detection features as the full version, this way you can try your project before investing in it. Please check out the free downloads...

 Webcam Zone Trigger Download Webcam software - Trial
Software interface, connect to webcams

This is a general purpose motion detection software. It can be used for surveillance and security, but  it also has some very cool and unique features that make it ideal for custom projects...

Motion detection hot spots on webcam video

Hot Spots - A reliable way to detection motion in a precise zone on the image. Set the size of the hot spot, move it over the area to monitor on the video, and select an action for it to execute when it detects motion.

Place many hot spots on the webcam software video!

Multiple Actions - Add many hot spots over the image, you can set each one to perform different tasks: record, count, execute a command, email or FTP a picture...

Access the webcam software thru the internet
Remote Connections - Both ways. Zone Trigger can connect to remote IP cameras, and you can connect to Zone Trigger thru the internet using a web browser.

Webcam Software Download, free trial
Webcam software download

 Media Zone Trigger Download Presentation software - Trial

This is an interactive presentation software, it requires a webcam and a display (monitor or projector). Using Zone Trigger's motion detection hot spots, this software check what in front of the display to manage the images/video/audio on the display.

Interactive presentation webcam software

Script Editor - Drag and drop media files directly on the script editor. Click a button to add motion detection hot spots. Adjust interactive behavior with simple properties. Test and run your project instantly.
This webcam software is a unique creation tool
Flexible Projects - Easily create custom projects for any setting where you need to synchronize a display with its surroundings; store display, art piece, digital signage, photo booth, interactive floor or sidewalk...
Download this Presentation webcam trial software
Webcam and Presentation software download

 Audio Zone Trigger Download Audio software - Trial

This is a simple software that only listens and reacts to sound. It connects to a microphone (or any DirectX sound source) and waits for a breach in the sound volume, then it executes the programmed action.

Quick install, easy setup, reliable triggering.

Sound software download

Zone Trigger software, simple to use, listen to sound and reacts upon it.
Zone Trigger series software
Free full featured trial period

 Audio ZT  $24.95

Sound detection and reaction

 Webcam ZT Standard  $45.95

The original General-Purpose sound detection software

 Webcam ZT Pro  $95.95

General-Purpose, multi-camera support, advanced detection spots

 Media ZT  $250

A unique motion-detection and interactive presentation software

prices are in US$

Minimum System Requirement
Webcam Zone Trigger
  • Windows XP or above
  • PentiumŪ III 600 MHz or higher
  • Windows Mixer compatible sound device (optional)

Webcam Software