Sound detection software, inputs sound waves and processes triggers
Download Audio Zone Trigger free trial software Get a full version license key code.
Have Audio Detection work for you

Security system for your house, office or store
Statistics on barking dogs
Automate simple scripts for the house and school projects
Automatic notification upon detection of sound
Use as door bell
No skills required, super simple to use

Plug a microphone in a computer and have it react to sound. Audio Zone Trigger is the first multi-purpose sound detection software. This opens the door for all kinds of projects, you can now setup an automation system at low cost!

Simply place audio triggers on the sound wave. They detect volume peaks and they perform the actions that you have selected.

Useful in such sectors as Art, Marketing, Quality control, statistics, security and monitoring, audio detection can now be used by anyone with a computer.

Download Audio Zone Trigger free trial software Get a full version license key code.

Use any sound capture device!

Audio Zone Trigger can capture sound from any source available on your computer's mixer, and from any sound-capable device:
  • Microphone
  • Webcam with sound
  • Computer's own mixer output
  • USB sound capture devices

Zone Trigger can do anything!

For each volume detecting trigger, you can choose from a wide range of actions that Zone Trigger will perform. Recording audio, playing sounds, executing commands on the computer... only a click away.

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Download Audio Zone Trigger free trial software Get a full version license key code.

Zone Trigger software, simple to use, listen to sound and reacts upon it.
 Standard Edition $24.95 (USD)
The original General-Purpose sound detection software

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Minimum System Requirement
Webcam Zone Trigger
  • Windows 2000 or above
  • PentiumŪ III 600 MHz or higher
  • Windows Mixer compatible sound device

Zone Trigger