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Video and Tutorials - examples on how to use Zone Trigger products
Project Video and tutorial page - Get a bunch of examples and how-to information for motion detection projects with Zone Trigger software.

How do I get the software?

Zone Trigger products are downloadable as shareware. This is a fully functional, free  software, but the trial version has limitations watermark over saved images, a limit on the number of triggers, and the software may expire after a set ammount of days.

Just go to one of the product pages and download the software by clicking on the "Download" button. This will initiate the download of the installer, you will need to accept it, open it, or save it on your computer.

Webcam Zone Trigger - Go to the motion detection page
Audio Zone Trigger - Go to the sound detection page
Media  Zone Trigger - Go to the sound detection page

When you purchase the full version, a key code will be given to you. Enter this code in the trial version to unlock the full version unlimited features.

How do I install the software?

To install the Zone Trigger software on your computer, you need to download and run the installer. It is an executable file. See the links above to download about how to download the installers.

You need to open the installer. If Zone Trigger is already installed on your computer, it will be uninstalled first.

The installation is very quick and simple. When done, a shortcut will be added in the Windows Start Menu, and on the desktop. The installer will also put the user manual in the Start Menu.

How do I pay for the software?

From inside the software, or from this website, click on a "Buy" link. This will bring you to the Omega Unfold web-store. You will need to click on the Checkout button, and fill a short form with your name, address and payment method. The whole process is very quick and minimal.

When buying Zone Trigger, you receive a key code that will unlock all the unlimited features from the trial. All operations are done over the internet, you will not receive any paper mail. This key code (or serial number) will appear on the invoice and will be sent to the email address you have entered during the purchase process. It is automatically sent immediately after the purchase, but it may take a few minutes to get to you. If you do not receive the email on the same day, please contact sales support (see link at the bottom of the page).

Payment is done thru eSellerate® or Paypal®, established and trusted payment provider. You may already have a Paypal account. eSellerate uses high security encryption for all transactions, and will not keep your credit card information after the sale is done. 

We, Omega Unfold, will never see your credit card information. We will receive your name, address and e-mail. We will never give or sell your personal information to a third party, as we strongly support online privacy.

Will I received a CD in a box?

You will not receive a hard copy of the product you have purchased. All operations are performed on the internet, and are designed to provide services immediately and at low-cost.

The box and cd images displayed on the website are symbolic of a software product. It is industry-standard to display a box to represent even an abstract product, this is in no way meant to mis-lead the customer.

I have questions about what the software can do...

The Zone Trigger serie of software are general-purpose tools, and are very versatile. Your question about a software may be clearly answered in the software's user manual:

Go to the Webcam Zone Trigger user manual
Go to the Audio Zone Trigger user manual

Check out the example projects for Zone Trigger software, there might be something similar to what you want to do. All projects on this page a clearly explained:

Go to the motion detection and webcam monitoring project page

If you still have questions, don't hesitate to contact us. Give us some details about what you want to do, and we'll help you the best we can to make it happen. We are very curious about the creative way to use our products.

I have questions about what I need to run the software, which camera to choose...

The first thing you should do is read the following article. It is a great introduction to software, hardware, and terminology used in the industry. 

Go to article: Introduction to video Capture and Motion Detection

If you still have questions, don't hesitate to contact us. We understand how important it is to get familiar with software and hardware before spending money on them. We will guide you as best we can.

I am currently running the software and am having some problems...

The section of the manual that speaks about the feature you need might hold the answer to your question:

Go to the Webcam Zone Trigger user manual
Go to the Audio Zone Trigger user manual

The Zone Trigger FAQ is a great source of information regarding the most frequently encountered  problems:

Go to the Zone Trigger software FAQ

Make sure you have the most recent version of the software, bugs are weeded out as they are found. Go to the Zone Trigger product page to download the latest version.

If you still have questions, don't hesitate to contact us. Please be as precise as possible about your issue. Describe what the problem is, how to reproduce it (whenever possible), what kind of camera you are using, the version of Windows you are using, and any detail that might help us reproduce and solve the problem.

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