Omega Unfold Privacy Policy

Omega Unfold values privacy

Omega Unfold values the trust you place in us by using our products and by doing business with us. To run our business effectively, we need to collect various information from diverse sources, and we take every precaution to use this information responsibly and with regard to your privacy.

Collection, Use and Disclosure of General Statistical Information

When you visit our web site we gather certain general information, such as frequency of downloads, number of hits on our web site, and usage statistics with respect to our software products. This information is useful to improve our website and products. The stored data does not contain any personal identifying information about you or any of our other users.

On occasion, we may conduct some surveys on our website or in our software. Our surveys are always optional and anonymous.

Statistical information that we acquire will never be provided the to a third party.

Collection, Use and Disclosure of Personal Identifying Information

When you purchase products from Omega Unfold, it is necessary that you provide us personal information such as your name, email address, home or business address and  phone number. On our website, we may also ask for your email address if you wish to receive our newsletter or bonus material.

Personal information that we acquire on our customers, users and contacts will never be provided to a third party. Omega Unfold has taken a strong position on Online privacy, and against SPAM and Spyware.

Credit card and payment information

Omega Unfold will never be in possession of your credit card information. All online credit card transactions are processed by established and trusted software commerce providers such as eSellerate®, RegNow® or PayPal®. We will receive and fulfill the order (when shipping is necessary), but will never see your credit card information.

Removal from Mailing List

We may send technical or marketing related emails to you. We will never send you email if you mentioned that you do not wish us to communicate with you. During the online purchase process, you may select that you do not wish us to contact you in the future. If you do not wish to receive email from Omega Unfold in the future, simply send an email to with "REMOVE" as the subject line.

Use of cookies

Omega Unfold's website and software will use cookies to increase security of its services or to facilitate user interface. No confidential information will be kept in those cookies. Cookies are set to expire upon end of session.

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