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Why doesn't Zone Trigger find my camera automatically?
Most webcam software can automatically connect to the first webcam it sees, but this isn't good enough for Zone Trigger. Since every camera can be configured to do something specific, it needs to be sure it has the right camera. 

Every USB connection has a "path". If you use a USB hub, this creates more paths. Two connected cameras of the exact same model may have the same name, but have different paths. Zone Trigger uses the camera path instead of their names, as this is a much safer way to avoid camera conflicts.

Can I use my digital camera as a webcam?
Only if the camera came with webcam drivers. Most digital cameras will not act as webcams, even if they have a USB connection. 

Most Canon Powershot cameras may be used via the PS-Remote software, which interfaces the camera with Zone Trigger. When adding a new camera, choose an "Other" device and select "Breeze Systems PS-Remote software". If PS-Remote is currently running, connected to a camera and set to "Motion Detection", you can get video from it. Every Hot Spot trigger will result in the camera taking a picture.

Zone Trigger is slow and takes up a lot of resources. What can I do?
Video capture is expensive.
-You can lower the capture frame rate in the settings.
-Some webcams are faster than others.
-Better lighting usually provides a better frame rate for most webcams.
-You can lower the image resolution in the Video Settings.

Does Zone Trigger support IP cameras?

Zone Trigger can stream jpg images from any IP camera (or website) that provide access to its jpg. When connecting a camera in Zone Trigger, choose "IP cam" and enter the URL for the jpg.

Note: Not just the URL for the camera; Zone Trigger needs the full path to a jpg or mjpeg file.

Can Webcam Zone Trigger record sound?
Yes. When Webcam Zone Trigger is connected to a camera, add sound input by clicking on the "add sound" button in the Video Settings tab. Zone Trigger can also listen to  this sound source to produce more triggers. See the product's documentation for more details.

Can Zone Trigger support multi cameras?
Yes, the Pro edition of Webcam Zone Trigger can support many cameras. If you are currently using the standard edition, you can visit the web store to purchase an upgrade license. Make sure you have downloaded the latest version of Zone Trigger before upgrading.

Can I change the image resolution?

Yes. Go to the Video Settings on the main window. The lowest supported resolution is 320x240. 

Note that some video input cannot be resized. Images from IPcam or video files, for example.

If I buy Zone Trigger and a new version comes out later, will I have to pay again?
You will not have to pay twice. Upgrading will always be free for products in the same line and category. However, if you purchased a Standard edition and would like to upgrade to a Pro edition, you might have to purchase an upgrade license. With an upgrade license, you need to first enter the standard license, and then enter the upgrade license in the software.

Are big Hot Spots less sensitive than small ones?
The sensitivity slider selects a percentage of motion within a hot spot to make it trigger. So for the same sensitivity, more motion is required for a larger Hot Spot.

Zone Trigger acts erratic, or crashes. What can I do? 
First, make sure you have the latest version of Zone Trigger installed on your computer. You can see the version number in the About box of the Help menu.

Next, make sure that you have the latest drivers for you camera, or the latest version of Direct-X installed on your computer.Here is a link to the Window Media 9 page, if you want to update your system.

In case the program suffers from corrupted files because of a computer crash, you can always "reset" the software by holding down the Shift key on your keyboard while Zone Trigger is starting. This will prevent from loading the settings and will give you a clean environment.

Can I have smaller .avi files? 

File size depends on the selected video codec (Settings Dialog, Video Recording). Video codecs may vary from one computer to another.

You can download and install additional codecs. We recommend the Xvid codec - it's fast and provides very small file size while maintaining an excellent video quality. Enter the keywords "xvid download codec" into your preferred search engine, or download from . For best results when using the Xvid codec, Configure it so that in the "Quality Preset" option "Motion search precision" is set to "None" and "VHQ" mode is set to "Off"

Zone Trigger can't connect to PS-Remote or to its SDK. Why?
The first test you should do is this:
-Close both software.
-Start them again by right-clicking on the shortcut and select "Run as Administrator". Do this for both applications.
-Check if it works now. Depending on the user-account and security settings of your computer, some applications may be "isolated" from others. This trick will provde access for applications to talk to each other in case this right has been restricted by the computer.

Other wise, check your anti-virus softawre (if any) to make sure it isn't protecting the applications involded.

In the case of the PS-Remote software, make sure the "Motion Detection" feature is checked in the main menu.

If you still have questions, please send us an email, we usually answer all support request within 24 hours. Visit the contact page to get in touch with us.

If you still have questions, please send us an email, we usually answer all support request within 24 hours.
 Visit the contact page to get in touch with us.

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